Facebook New UI Update 2020: How to Activate Dark Mode on Desktop?

Facebook New UI update: Facebook has officially rolled out the new UI for desktop i.e, Facebook Dark Mode. This New Facebook UI 2020 offers Dark mode, Cleaner Profile, Tabbed home screen, it is more like a new twitter UI that is based on the mobile app-based interface. Facebook is also allowing people to switch to the dark mode from the desktop. It doesn’t give you color choosing option as twitter does but still, it looks quite good.

Facebook dark mode

This new Facebook UI was announced on the Facebook 2019 conference. If you want to switch to the New Facebook UI 2020 just follow these steps.

Steps to Get Facebook New UI Update: Dark Mode

  1. Login to your Facebook account using a desktop or a laptop.
  2. Go to the Settings Drop-Down menu and click on “Switch to New Facebook”. It will redirect you to the new Facebook UI 2020 and it will show you the changes Facebook has made in this new version. You can skip it.
    Facebook dark modeFacebook Dark ModeFacebook Dark Mode
  3. After getting into the New Facebook UI again click on the setting drop-down menu and then click on the switch to the dark mode toggle button. Voila, you’ve your new dark mode Facebook UI.

Facebook dark modeFacebook dark mode

  1. If you don’t like the New Facebook UI you can always go back to the classic Facebook UI from Facebook Dark Mode. Go to settings drop-down menu and click on the switch to classic Facebook mode.

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