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Submit Guest Post On Multiple-Niche At Soochna University

Are you looking to submit a guest post on multiple niche topics? Soochna University provides Guest Post opportunities on various niches. You can submit your guest post by filling the contact form below. Before submitting your guest post/article do go through the guidelines below.

You should submit guest post on multiple niche related to Latest Information Related to Various Topics:

  • Apps News and Updates
  • Technology
  • Government Scheme
  • Education
  • Digital Marketing

And many more topics you can submit as guest post. You can check our blogs for more details what kind content is posted.

These are the Guest Blog Post On Multiple Niche Submission Guidelines:

  • The name of the Doc file should be formed as: “For Soochna University” “Title of the Blog”
  • You have to submit one title image not subject to the copyright. If not sure, kindly give source credits or we can add on our own.
  • The article should have the following information in the ‘header’
    • Title with your keyword: (55 – 60 char)
    • Meta Description with keyword: (less than 156 Char)
    • Used Key Words: Can only be two for one article
  • The formatting of the draft shall be made carefully, with appropriate formatting to heading, Sub-heading, etc.
  • The whole document shall be in the “Justified” format (CTRL +J), except required.
  • Mention the author’s bio at the end of an article. Share writer’s headshot separately in .jpeg.
  • For image(s) used, do write a short description (image text) about it below the image.

General Rules for all types of Guest Post/Articles:

1. The length of the article should be a minimum of 800 words. Longer articles have better chances of getting approved by us.

2. The post/article should be written with proper research and knowledge. We don’t approve any spun content or auto-generated content.

3. We do not provide links to any spammy websites, adult websites, online gaming websites, or any other website.

4. We have the right to keep, delete or modify all posts/articles/links, depending on our discretion.

5. We accept variety of topics for our articles.

6. You cannot repost this article anywhere on the web again. You can only share through our website.

7. The Article should be 100% Plagiarism Free. No Spun content or duplicate content is allowed.

If you want more information on guest posting or how to submit the guest post then feel free to contact us. When you contact us for submitting a guest post, kindly include the topic of your post/article, details of your property/websites.

We strictly stick to the Google link spamming guidelines and misuse of guest post/article for the purpose of spammy link building.

Note: We do not approve any low-quality articles/posts written for the purpose of link building.

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