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TCS ION Career Edge-knockdown the lockdown:- Are you one of the aspirants who have fed up with the lockdown? Are you the one who wanted to learn something new from the renowned institution? Are you the one who is ready to face challenges once the lockdown lifted? If your answers tick all the questions then go and login to the TCS ION because they are going to, allow you to learn something new from the tech experts, they will enhance your skills and show you a path of a new horizon. To know more about the TCS ION Career Edge Knockdown the lockdown goes through this article.

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TCS ION has come up with a 15 days course for the students who are fresher, undergraduate, and graduate even for the professionals who are always ready to learn something new. We know that you all must be wasting your time watching TV, web-series or social media, then TCS is giving you, an opportunity to utilize this time so it may help in your future.

Now everyone wanted to know what the course is… and how you can avail it? So don’t worry we have discussed the course in detail in the below section.

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TCS ION career Edge-knockdown the lockdown:Overview

Course offered byTata consultancy service (TCS)
Name of the coursecareer Edge-knockdown the lockdown
Duration of the course15 days
Enrollment duration27 March to 26 Sep 2021
Maximum participants120000
Course feeNIL
Pass percentage100 %
Course moduleOnline self-paced
TCs ion Career Edge - Knockdown the Lockdown

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TCS ION Career Edge-knockdown the lockdown

TCS ION has come with a course Career Edge-knockdown the lockdown, under this course they are going to teach you so many things which will be going to help you in your job, workplace and others. This course is a 15 days self-paced online course that will develop your soft and hard skills to sharpen your personality knowledge. Through the course, you will get the required skillset which is being demanded by every industry nowadays and…

You will learn these things under the guidance of TCS business experts. The course is aided with Nano tutorial videos, case studies, and assessments to test if the course objectives are met and it will help you to know your weaknesses and strengths.

But for all this, you need to be focused and need to show your dedication for just 2 hours daily for two weeks.

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TCS ION Course teaches you

  • Development of your hard and soft skills
  • Sharpen your personality knowledge
  • Enhancement of your communication, behavior and presentation skills
  • Teach you how to write effective resumes and about the group discussions
  • Increase your business etiquette verbally and non-verbally
  • Learn fundamental accounting and IT
  • Artificial intelligence

TCS ION Free certification program Course Module

In this section you will get to know about each day module, through this you will get to know what you are going to learn the next day.

Module Day 1: Communicate to impress

In this, you will get an opportunity to enhance your verbal and no-verbal communication skills

Module Day 2: Presentation skill

In this, you will get to learn how to prepare the engaging and impactful presentation

Module Day 3: Develop/Enhance soft skills for the workplace

In this, you will get to know the development and importance of soft skill to get a better result

Module Day 4: Guidance from the career gurus

In this, you will learn the strategies from the business expert of TCS so that you can make a head start in your career

Module day 5: how to write a winning resume and cover letter

In this, you will understand how to make a strong resume and cover letter

Module Day 6: Group Discussion quality

In this, you will get to know about the group discussion and how to participate in it actively.

Module Day 7: Ace corporate Interviews

In this, you will learn how to attend the corporate interview and how to excel it.

Module day 8: know the corporate etiquette

In this, you will learn some common business etiquette followed in the corporate setting.

Module day 9: How to write effective Mails

In this, you will get to know how to craft a professional Email with impactful content and strong subject line

Module Day 10: Telephone etiquette

In this, you will know the etiquette while in a work-related call

Module Day 11: know Accounting Fundamentals

In this, you will learn the principles and concepts of accounting with an overview of financial statements

Module Day 12: get foundational skills in IT

In this, you will know how to develop your fundamental IT skills by listening to TCS tech experts.

Module Day 13: Artificial Intelligence part-I

Under the AI part-I, you will get to know the history and definition of AI and the different approaches to AI

Module Day 14: Artificial Intelligence part-II

Under the part-II of AI, you will learn, what are the agents mainly intelligent and rational agents, the concept of bounded rationality and various agent architectures

Module day 15: Assessment

In this, you will be tested what you have learned throughout the last 14 days of the course and this assessment will be done by the objective test which carries some marks and you need to clear this

How can I apply for the TCS ION Free certification program?

Just follow the steps given below and you are ready for the course:

  • Visit the TCS ION official website
  • On the home page of the website click on the subscribe button
  • After that, a dialogue box will open which will ask you to log in
  • It’s up to your choice through which way you want to login
  • While doing login it will ask you the state you living in
  • After login, it will ask you to confirm for the course
  • Once you press the confirm button…
  • A dialogue box will open which will inform you that the course you have opted will be added soon in your dashboard
  • And once it was added in your dashboard launch the course

Apply Now for the TCS ION Free Certification program

TCS ION Course completion criteria are

Grading scheme for the course is

  • Grade A: 70 to 100%
  • Grade B: 55 to 69.99%
  • Grade C: 40 to 49.99 %
  • Grade D: 0 to 39.99%

The pass percentage for the course will be 100%

Frequently Asked Questions

Will TCS provide any certificate against the course?

Yes, if you completed the course then you will be awarded a certificate.

Who can apply for the course?

Everyone who is a fresher, undergraduate, graduate even a professional.

What is the fee for the course?

The course is free; you do need to pay a single penny for this but yes it requires your full dedication

What if I skip any of the module days?

You need to participate in every module and if you skip any of them then you are not entitled to the certificate.

What is the duration of the course?


What if I didn’t clear the assessment than I will eligible for the certificate?

No, those who are not able to clear the assessment will not get a certificate.

What type of question will be asked in the assessment?

It contains objective type questions

Is there any classroom associated with the course?

No, this course is meant for online self-learning and you do not need to go anywhere.

Will this course comes with any type of job guarantee?

No, this course is not sufficient to get a job but, it will be a valuable addition to your profile.

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