Which Stream is Best For Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship In india?

To be honest no need to worry about which stream to select if you’re going to be an entrepreneur or opt for digital marketing. If you’ve it on you can do it. But if you want to learn marketing from the scratch you should opt for Commerce Stream, you’ll learn the basics of accounting, economics, business studies, etc which will help you in the future. But there are more options available.

There are mainly three options to go through this:

  1. Take Commerce stream in class 12th: So the best and feasible option in India is to take Commerce stream, commerce will teach you the basics in marketing and business front. But you need to go for higher education as well until unless you have a family business laying around. Higher education is important for business as people look at who they are dealing with, what are their qualifications, is this company is suitable for our business, what is the image of your business in the market, etc. MBA is good for entrepreneurship, if you’re opting for Digital Marketing then there’s no need for an MBA. But, if you’re looking for a higher position in digital marketing as well then you’ve to pursue an MBA as well.
  2. Take Science stream class 12th: The second best option is going for the science stream in the 12th standard with computer science. It will give you the technical knowledge not in the business front but in the technology front which is as important as the business knowledge for an entrepreneur. You can opt for Btech or BCA for a bachelor’s degree and then go for an MBA to gain some business knowledge to kick start your business. If you are going for digital marketing then you might know most of the technical things from starting, you just need to add some digital marketing skills. You can do it by joining some digital marketing course in your city.
  3. Do a Professional Course or PGDM: The third option is you can do a diploma or PGDM in Marketing, Sales & Marketing, Management, etc for entrepreneurship. And you can go to the Digital Marketing Course in your city to become a digital marketer.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

There are various job opportunities/Career options after you do a digital marketing course:

  1. PPC Executive
  2. E-Commerce Expert
  3. Youtuber
  4. Blogger
  5. SMM Executive
  6. Affiliate Marketer
  7. Email Marketer
  8. SEO Analyst
  9. Online Campaign Planner
  10. Digital Marketer
  11. SEM Executive
  12. SEO Executive
  13. SMO Executive
  14. Lead Generation Expert
  15. Web Analyzer
  16. Mobile Marketer

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