Will liquor shops open today? After new govt order in lockdown. Here’s what we know

Will liquor shops reopen from today after new govt order?

The answer is NO. here is why..

Will Liquor Shops Open today ?

Well here is the answer

The government of India has allowed several shops and business to reopen as a measure to ease the lockdown in most of the areas which are less impacted by the spread of coronavirus.

What impact will this ease in lockdown have on the liquor shops in your locality?
As per the government order, the bars/liquor shops/wine shops in your locality will not be allowed to reopen or serve alcohol from today.
The Home Minister has clarified that alcohol comes under separate clause & not under the Shops and Establishment Act.

The government has also said that the order will not be applicable on malls or large markets, which will remain shut until further notice.

Delhi Government has also asked for a report from the Excise department, and it will get submitted by the end of Tuesday. There are around 860 Liquor shops in Delhi which are closed from 25th March 2020. And closing the liquor shops will surely affect the revenue and taxes to the government. It is estimated that the Delhi government earns Rs 5000 crores from the liquor shop sale. And all the shops are closed for a month that will result in approx of Rs 500 crores of loss.

“The liquor shops can be allowed to be opened during a fixed time provided that the licensees ensure that social distancing is strictly maintained and all guidelines of the health department to check the spread of coronavirus are followed,” said sources.

If the Delhi government will not open the liquor shops it will lead to economic collapse as they generate quite a revenue from the liquor sale in the state, in fact, it is a major revenue-generating way for the state.

Assam and Meghalaya already approved the liquor shops opening but for a limited time and social distancing have to be maintained.

Meanwhile, in Punjab, The Ministry of Home Affairs rejected the Punjab government’s appeal for opening the liquor shops during the lockdown period.

So, it all depends on the MHA(Ministry of Home Affairs) to decide whether they will allow the liquor shops to open or not. if yes, with some strict guidelines and rules have to follow and social distancing has to be maintained. We will keep you updated on this topic as well. So keep visiting Soochna University.

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